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La Biennale di Venezia

Design and Curatorial Consultant: Julie Ault
Exhibition Consultant: Leanne Mella
Exhibition Designer: Alan Bruton
Exhibition Graphics: Perrin Studio, with Mikhail Iliatov
Fundraising consultant: Laurie Beckelman
Video production: Laura Hanna, Alexandra Lerman
Interns: Marshall Ball, Kirsten Kahlo, Rea Zekkou

Peggy Guggenheim Collection
Project manager/coordination: Chiara Barbieri, Aaron Levy
Director: Philip Rylands
Technology: Roger Zuccolo
Registration: Sandra Divari
Installation: Siro de Boni, Tratto/Ottart
Press: Alexia Boro
Interns: Eric Holm

US Department of State
Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs:
Colombia Barrosse, Cultural Programs Division Chief

In Venice
Installation: Ryan Reitbauer, Jeremy Butman
Translation: Krystina Stermole, Roberta Cimenti

We also express our gratitude to the following individuals:
Diana Darling, David Deutsch, Jocelyn Elliott, Carolyn Federman,
Caterina Frissone, Nicola Gentili, Julie Iovine, Philip Rylands,
Bob Ivy and Laura Viscusi, Joshua Viertel, Jill Weinreich, Megan Wurth

Parsons the New School for Design

Exhibition and Graphic Design:
Saylor + Sirola and Project Projects

Project manager/coordination: Laetitia Wolff, Aaron Levy
Installation of Garden: Melina Shannon-DiPietro, Amy Porter, Anastatia Curley

Installation: Kristina Kaufman, Daisy Wong, Bairon Garzon, Danny Lora,
Kaile Smith, Georgie Srilapa, Christian Lopez Swafford, King Tong, Chris Wu, Konrad Renner
Lighting: Eric Stark

We also express our gratitude to the following individuals:
Tim Marshall, Lydia Matthews, Alexandra Lerman, Sven Travis and the
Communications, Design & Technology Department

National Constitution Center
Slought Foundation

Exhibition and Graphic Design:
Saylor + Sirola and Project Projects

National Constitution Center
Project manager/coordination: Stephanie Reyer, Aaron Levy
President and Chief Executive Officer: Linda E. Johnson
Public Programs: Stefan Frank
Press/Marketing: Ashley Berke, Chris Spencer
Education: Kerry Sautner

National Park Service/City of Philadelphia
Independence National Historical Park: Cynthia McLeod, Superintendent
Redevelopment Authority: Terry Gillen, Director, and Julia Guerrero, Director, Fine Art Program
Office of Arts, Culture, and the Creative Economy, City of Philadelphia: Gary Steuer, Chief Cultural Officer
Liasons: Margot Berg and Theresa Rose, Public Art Program, City of Philadelphia

Audio/Ipod Tour
Produced with the Drexel University School of Education
Programming by: Obinna Otti, David Tran, Monica Singh, Cory Schmitt, Adam Smith, Kristian Reid
Script editing: Kerry Sautner, Steve Frank, Arthur Sabatini, Adelina Vlas, Megan Schmidgal

Vegetable Garden
John Woodburn/Pedal Co-op, with
Danny Gerber/Urban Nutrition Initiative/UPenn
Maintenance: Sam Earle, Mimi Hanks-Bell/Slow Food USA
Fabrication: Mark Risso

Installation: Jim Carpenter, Jeremy Butman, Brendan Finney, Laura Buck, Colin Foley,
Johann Deidrick, Mike McJilton

We also express our gratitude to the following individuals: Nina Rappaport

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